Art Galleries

Mauis rich cultural past reveals itself through a thriving arts scene that is infused with the essence of aloha. Maui artists continue to pay homage to the islands rich history by creating a vast range of modern and historical art pieces that serves as a fundamental piece of Maui culture. One the west side of Maui, Front St., Lahaina host many of these diverse galleries.

Sargents Fine Atr Gallery

Sargents Fine Atr Gallery

Featuring an assortment of over 56 local and international artists, Sargents Fine Art Gallery is one of the most vibrant galleries in the Pacific art world. The gallery owner, Dick Sargent, has assembled artwork from leading artists in a wide range of genres to provide the highest quality art for all enthusiasts from first-time buyers to seasoned collectors.
Location: 802 Front St.
Phone: 808-667-4030
Martin Lawerence Galleries

Martin Lawerence Galleries

Mauis Premier Gallery of Fine Art specializing in original paintings, sculptures and limited edition graphics. Martin Lawrence Gallery in Lahaina, Maui is dedicated to featuring art legends as well as the best in emerging artists. The gallery is graced by works of art by Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt, Andy Warhol, Marc Chagall, Felix Mas and many more.
Location: 126 Lahainaluna Road
Phone: 808-661-1788

Peter Lik

Designed and conceived by Peter Lik, this gallery is its own work of art and features the photographers panoramic photographs of landscapes that truly showcase the brilliance of nature. See firsthand why this Australian photographer has been called the most important landscape photographer alive and earned the title Master Photographer.
Location: 712 Front St.
Phone: 808-661-6623

Maui Hands

Representing over 300 local fine artists and Hawaii artisans, Maui Hands provides unique and original Hawaii artwork. Each Hawaii artists represents the beauty of Maui and Hawaii through their fine art and reproductions. The gallery staff is friendly and knowledgeable art enthusiasts who enjoy helping visitors learn about Hawaii art while helping them choose the perfect Maui vacation keepsake.
Location: 612 Front St.
Phone: 808-667-9898